Really cool emotion drawings

5-(Berk Ozturk)

There are various kinds of drawings you are going to discover in your surroundings and there are different fascinating facts that you are going to discover in these drawings . If you are passionate about different sort of drawings , you must wonder about these illustrations of these different illustrations. Childhood emotions are unique and a child has different colors in their emotions . If you are interested to know about these various feelings, you can inspect out the link offered above and here you may discover different details on the illustrations and the illustrations. Get the details from the link to get the understanding of kid emotions .

So check out emotion drawings you always wanted.

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Inadequate Child
1-(Berk Ozturk)

Watercolor Kiss
2-(Berk Ozturk)

Torn Memories
3-(Berk Ozturk)

Death and Life
4-(Berk Ozturk)

Father and Son
5-(Berk Ozturk)

6-(Berk Ozturk)

7-(Berk Ozturk)

Freedom of Thought
8-(Berk Ozturk)

Tom Thumb
9-(Berk Ozturk)

I Miss You Leon
10-(Berk Ozturk)

And I Remember Every Kiss
11-(Berk Ozturk)

The Last Hug
12-(Berk Ozturk)

Valentine’s Day
13-(Berk Ozturk)

Kurt and Amy
14-(Berk Ozturk)

Graveyard Lovers
15-(Berk Ozturk)

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