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A group of archeologists led by Teacher Kutalmis Gorkay of Ankara University recently unearthed three ancient Greek mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma near the border of Syria. Fearing that the ancient treasures of Zeugma would be lost forever , archeologists rushed to excavate, safeguard , and save the relics of the past, consisting of the remarkably undamaged glass mosaics that go back to the Second century BC. Part of the city is now immersed undersea, excavations continue in the hopes of discovering more historic artifacts. According to Gorkay, the vibrant mosaics were integral parts of homes centuries earlier. Check out and have a good time!

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The nine Muses, the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts

Thalia, the Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry

Oceanus, the divine personification of the sea, and his sister/consort Tethys, the embodiment of the waters of the world

Tethys and Oceanus

Poseidon, God of the Sea

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